- Saturday the 4th of July 2015 -

​Enjoy good old fashioned fun for all the family at a traditional village fete in a wonderful New Forest Setting. A community driven event now enjoyed by locals and visitors from far and wide.

We would like to thank everyone that has bought into the spirit of the Lover Fayre. Over recent years both Johnny Walker of ‘radio’ fame and Tom Cunliffe from BBC television have been our guests and have shown their support as locals to the event.

Come along and join the fun!

The village of Lover is situated approx 10 miles south of Salisbury within the New Forest Heritage Area. The Fayre is held in the fields situated within a triangle of roads, namely, School Road, Besomer Drove and Church Hill. Entrance is via the Church Hill gate and the School Road gate. There is no charge for Car Parking and donation buckets (rather than ticket entry) will be waiting for your loose change!

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